In July 2017 I began working with La Hacienda Creative. It's a beautiful studio with a great team of people, lots of awesome gear and an incredible collection of instruments. As I learned my way around their work process I began creating different pieces of music to help me learn my own way around a totally new and complex set-up that often changed daily.

This was one of the early pieces I started work on. I was learning a different DAW (Cubase) and finding that every time I came in to work by myself there was a puzzle to solve - something had changed, moved, or just wasn't there any more and I had to find my own way to work around it. But I like trouble shooting, and I wasn't in a hurry, so it was kind of relaxing. and of course immensely satisfying each time a piece of the puzzle clicked into place.



Water started with my metal thermos. It has such a resonant ding, so naturally I wanted to use that sound for something.

I began recording three different layers of the thermos. I used water to tune it to an 'A' for one part and a 'C' for the second. The third part was at the 'A' again and I pitched that audio track down an octave. This is what it sounds like:

To match the resonance of the water bottles I added some vocals as a shimmery pad, and for structure a bass line on the contrabass, C bass and bass recorders.

At the time I was messing around with an octatrack  (it has the best promo video ever) - so a hint of those sounds snuck in there. I also added more percussion, death whistles, some beans, I managed some col legnos on a violin, and there are lots of recorders.