The River Sings


The River Sings

(Racheal Cogan 2015)

All instruments designed and built by Geri Bollinger

G Alto played by Geri Bollinger

Tenor, Bass, and Great Bass played by Racheal Cogan

Mixing by Racheal Cogan

The River Sings took me a long time to write. I knew what I wanted, I could hear it in my head, but it began slowly: first with the harmonic ideas and voicings after which the melodies started to seep their way in through the music. After that it became like a big jigsaw puzzle that you only have a very blurry photo of (with some bits missing): but when it all comes together you know that this is exactly what it was always supposed to be.

When I first conceived this music the main feeling was of a serenity with movement. When my partner heard a first 'sketch' for the quartet his response was: "but nothing is happening". I was, much to his consternation, delighted by this comment, because that was the exact idea - movement within the quiet, somewhat like a river that looks still and makes very little sound but is flowing: ever moving, ever changing.


The River Sings is written for a quartet of modern recorders with unique headpieces designed and built by my dear friend in Switzerland, Geri Bollinger.

Thank you Geri for making these great instruments that are pushing the boundaries of my recorder playing and writing: opening up so many musical timbres, textures, dynamics and ... possibilities. And thank you for playing this music with me.

(The music can also be performed using a more standard recorder quartet of Alto, Tenor, Bass, and Great Bass.)