Racheal Cogan

    composer, recorder player, vocalist

Sufi Ilâhi (traditional Turkish, in the makam of Hüseyni

Racheal Cogan - Ganassi recorder in G, Tony Lewis - Ud

Skopianos (traditional Macedonian)

Racheal Cogan - low whistle in D, Tony Lewis - tombak

TRANSIENCE Contemporary Modal Music (Racheal Cogan & Tony Lewis)

Available from Orpheus Music

“Racheal Cogan's recorder sounds as pure as a new-born babe's conscience. But all it takes is for her to bend a note and that purity is suddenly rent by a flash of the ancient lusts that afflict us all."

John Shand, The Sydney Morning Herald

February 17-18, 2007

"The subtle pitch inflections of the Turkish makam Hüseyni are a moving reminder of the pointlessness of locating style and appropriateness of expression in a named instrument. The vehicle is transcended, perhaps appropriate for a Sufi influenced piece."

John Napier, Music Forum

Vol. 14 No. 1, November 2007 – January 2008

"Transience is spiritual, the musicians have artistry, creativity, vision and sheer mastery of their instruments. These two cultural beatniks have come up with something very special, the synergy between them has created music that will long graze on your CD player and consciousness."

Jaslyn Hall, Limelight

March 2007

" This has to be a new direction for recorders and is well worth hearing.’’

Froots April 2008 UK

Ethnoglobal worldwide miscellany by Phil Wilson