Racheal Cogan

    composer, recorder player, vocalist


Medieval Pieces

“...in anybody’s book, this is superb recorder playing. It is clear, immaculate yet fluid and engrossing".

Music Forum Vol. 14 No 1, Greg Hurworth

November 2007 – January 2008

Tracks :

1. Four Syrta

i. Syrto (Racheal Cogan)

ii. Gavalohorianos (traditional)

iii. Sfakianos (traditional)

iv. untitled (Racheal Cogan

2. Piperkovo Horo (Tale Ognenovski)

Ageliki Xekalaki – bendir; Racheal Cogan - Ganassi recorder in G.

3. Medieval Pieces (Anon. Medieval Italian)

i. La Manfredina

ii. Tristan's Lament

iii. Istampitta Ghaetta

Kelly Thomas - lyra; Angeliki Xekalaki - tombak; Racheal Cogan - Ganassi recorder in G.

4. Mediterranean Pieces

i. Razozko Kalajdzijsko Horo (traditional South West Bulgaria)

ii. Voitha Panagia (traditional Thrace)

iii. Tekez (traditional Turkey)

Ross Daly and Kelly Thomas - lyras; Angeliki Xekalaki - bendir; Racheal Cogan - Ganassi recorders in G and C.

5. Syrta

i. Leonidas Klados

ii. Lefteris Gallianos

iii. Nikolaos Tzengas

Ross Daly - lavta; Kelly Thomas - lyra; Angeliki - bendir and daf; Racheal Cogan - Ganassi recorder in G.

SOJOURN  Available from Orpheus Music

The Music

Racheal Cogan recorded Sojourn in Greece with musicians Ross Daly, Kelly Thomas and Angeliki Xekalaki in 2000.  This album tells the story of the journey that Racheal took with her Ganassi recorder around Greece, Turkey and Macedonia performing with these extraordinary musicians playing lyras, lavta, bendir and tombak.

From lively Cretan syrta, music from Bulgaria and Turkey (with two recorders played simultaneously!), to re-imagined medieval dance.

Photo by Mayu Kanamori