Racheal Cogan

    composer, recorder player, vocalist

INTOXICATION   ARIA Award winnder for best world music album 1999.


Irine Vela - laouto, mandola, mandolin, guitar, bouzouki

Racheal Cogan - recorders, vocals

Mulaim Vela - guitar

Achilles Yiangoulli - vocals, toubeleki, bouzouki, guitar

Pascal Latras - vocals

With guests:

Zois Tsikas - toubeleki

Wendy Rowlands - violin

Christos Balzidis - outi

                    ROLLING STONE, December 1998

Going Greek and Making It In the Movies - Lesley Sly

Some of these songs were featured in the movie Head On. But Melbourne group, the haBiBis, have been resurrecting and reworking Greek and eastern Mediterranean music for a while and this is their second album. The cover pic says they're youngish and cool-ish (leather and sunglasses abound) and the sound says they're paying homage to their roots while filtering them through contemporary Australian sensibilities. It's demanding music for the players, requiring a high level of dexterity and the ability to make these swirling, heady rhythms and melodies non-demanding for us, the listener.

The five haBiBis weave the guitar, oud and bouzouki with consummate ease, in wide, chiming choruses and intricate dances over which boy/girl voices cast seductive spells, mostly on the theme of love lost, found or unrequited.

Pass the ouzo please!

Milo Mou Kokkino - My Red Apple (trad.Greek)

Oli Nihkta Perpatouse - She Walked All Night Long (trad. Greek)