Racheal Cogan

    composer, recorder player, vocalist


Irine Vela - mandola, guitar, zills, tambour, backing vocals

Racheal Cogan - recorder, vocals

Mulaim Vela - guitar

Achilleas Yiangoulli - vocals, toubeleki and chimes, bouzouki, guitar

The haBiBis gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the Australia Council for the Arts.


Four Warriors (trad. Cyprus)

Dressed in Red (trad. Southern Greece)

Mr. Kostakis (trad. Thrace)

Alas, Come, Alas (trad. Smyrna/Asia Minor)

Thrash 9 (trad. Thrace)

The Shepherd (trad. Cyprus)

Amaranth/I cut a Branch (trad. Greek)

Smyrnian Circle Dance (trad. Asia Minor)

My Love Sent Word To Me (trad. Chalkithiki/Macedonia)

Erotiko (trad. Crete)

Hassaposerviko (trad. Asia Minor)

All tracks arranged by the haBiBis

four warriors the haBiBis (1995)

My Love Sent Word to Me (trad. Chalkithiki/Macedonia)

Erotiko (trad. Crete)

Photgraph by Jacqeline Mitelman


" This is music performed with passion and intelligence, which can move a listener of whatever ancestry."

24 Hours