Racheal Cogan          composer, recorder player, vocalist

In 1993 I co-founded the Greek music group the haBiBis, whose second CD Intoxication won an ARIA Award in 1999. I recorded the CD, Sojourn, in Greece with Ross Daly, Kelly Thomas, Angeliki Xekalaki, and the support of Arts Victoria.

I also performed extensively with Australian percussionist Tony Lewis: together we recorded a duo CD, Transience, in 2007.

.“Racheal Cogan’s recorder sounds as pure as a new-born babe’s conscience. But all it takes is her to bend a note and that purity is suddenly rent by a flash of the ancient lusts that afflict us all.”

John Shand, The Sydney Morning Herald; February 17-18, 2007.

I am a recorder player, composer and vocalist. I was born in Australia, but have called many places home. I’ve toured extensively as a performer with people and companies as diverse as Ross Daly and Cirque du Soleil (two shows - Zaia and Totem). My educational background ranges from a music degree in performance and ethnomusicology at Monash University to individual periods of study in India, France, The Netherlands, and Greece, thanks to funding from organisations like The Australia Council for the Arts, Asialink and The Ian Potter Foundation.

I now call Montréal my home and I am working with La Hacienda Creative as a composer and multi-instrumentalist.

My latest works as a composer arise from the deeply entwined threads of my experiences in classical and world musics. Grab a decent set of headphones, settle back, and enjoy the most recent recordings of my work on my blog or soundcloud.